Corporate Wellness

A Healthy Workforce is a Productive Workforce

Your most valuable asset is your staff. Their productivity is directly related to the lifestyle they lead and the food they fuel their body with. The food choices and the lifestyle behaviours that employees make have a direct impact on their performance in the workplace. 

Engaging in healthy lifestyle behaviours makes us feel better about ourselves.  People who have a positive view of themselves tend to be more engaged, more productive and are more effective team players. 

Research has found that an employee who has participated in nutritional education is better equipped to take care of themselves.

Nutrition Education and Health Promotion Programmes Offered

People are often confused as to what constitutes a healthy and nutritious lifestyle.  Food is there to be enjoyed, but it is about eating the right foods in the correct proportions.  

Gaye’s in-company workshops imparts the knowledge necessary to assist staff in make healthy lifestyle choices.   These workshops are tailored to your staff’s requirements and include:

  • On-site seminars
  • Lunch and learn presentations
  • Breakfast briefings
  • Off-site work days
  • Cookery demonstrations
  • On-site 1-1 consultations with staff
  • Monthly online blogs, videos and recipes

Nutrition Education Modules

All aspects of nutrition and health promotion education is incorporated in a series of presentations including:

  1. Eating for Energy
  2. How to Prevent the Afternoon Slump
  3. Feeding Stress
  4. Reading a Label
  5. Brain Health
  6. Your Heart in your Hands
  7. Eating for immunity
  8. Men’s Health
  9. Women’s Health
  10. Nutrition on the Go
  11. Nutrition for Sport and Performance
  12. Secrets of Healthy Ageing

Example 1: How to Prevent the Afternoon Slump

Many people experience a dip in energy at some point every day.  This usually occurs in the afternoon.  Concentration, focus, alertness and production are directly affected by this lack of energy.  The body is a factory which produces energy to sustain human life.  Food is the fuel of the body.  Food choices and timing are crucial to sustain energy levels. 

Topics Covered

  • Balancing blood sugars
  • High energy foods that sustain
  • Slow releasing glucose foods
  • Where does my energy go
  • Why, what, when and where to eat
  • Regular re-fuelling
  • Sleep and appetite control
  • Adrenaline and hormonal signalling
  • Digestion and energy
  • The do’s and don'ts of eating late
  • Removing the confusion of daily food choices

Example 2: Nutrition for Sport and Performance

This presentation will focus on healthy eating to sustain those who want to perform and remain fit whether on or off the track.  It's aimed at enhancing personal performance levels to keep going, to focus, concentrate and remain active and alert.  If you are an active person or intend to become more active, there will be lots of tips on how to keep your energy up and get you across the line.

Topics Covered

  • Food choices to sustain a constant supply of energy
  • Food groups
  • How to improve your food choices
  • The role of supplements
  • Exercise is a balancing act
  • Is too much exercise bad for you
  • Muscle power – your greatest asset
  • Bone health
  • Timing and refuelling
  • Regular pit-stops
  • Debunking nutritional myths
  • Hydration