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Gaye Godkin Consultant Nutritionist


Gaye Godkin Consultant Nutritionist

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Gaye Godkin, MPH Nutrition (Hons) DipNT cNLP   
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Gaye Godkin, MPH Nutrition (Hons) DipNT cNLP

Gaye Godkin is one of Ireland's leading public health nutritionists.  She received her master’s degree in Public Health Nutrition from UCD.  Gaye also works as a clinical nutritionist and offers a one-to-one personalised nutrition service.

Gaye is trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) which is a behavioural modification therapy. She works with you to explore and identify possible health damaging behaviours.

Gaye acts as a nutritional consultant to many companies and organisations and is a passionate sought after entertaining speaker.  She is a regular media contributor on radio and TV and writes for the Irish Independent. 

Gaye has been working in this space for many years now and has a deep understanding of how to cultivate a healthier workplace by educating, empowering and supporting staff to make healthier food choices and engage in positive lifestyle behaviours.

Her objective is to achieve a high rate of employee engagement by delivering a passionate and inspirational message.  Her work is evidence based without using scientific jargon. 

Telephone:    +353 (0)86 607 2110

Services Offered

Nutritional intervention plays a powerful role in preventing and combating chronic illnesses.  Most people are confused as to what, when, where and how to eat.  My role is to demistify the confusion surrounding food choices.  As an advocate of preventative healthcare, I understand the crucial role that food and positive lifestyle behaviours play in the manifestation of health outcomes.  My service includes:

  • Corporate Nutritional Education

  • One on One Private Consultations

  • Media Work - TV, Print & Radio

Gaye Godkin wins major UK award. She has received the award - Outstanding practice of Nutrition for the UK 2013


Improve Workforce Nutrition - Improve Productivity

Improve Workforce Nutrition - Improve Productivity

Corporate Wellness and Nutrition

Your most valuable asset is your staff. Their productivity is directly related to the lifestyle they lead and the food they fuel their body with.  

The average person spends 60% of their waking hours at work.  At least two meals are consumed during the working day and snacking tends to be an issue for many.

Imagine if you could improve their lifestyles and nutrition, the impact it would have on the dynamic of your organisation.  That’s where Gaye Godkin will help.

Gaye specialise’s in delivering corporate wellness programmes for client companies.  These are designed to inform and educate your staff on the benefits of eating a healthy diet and adopting positive lifestyle behaviours.

These programmes are delivered through group on-site presentations to staff, weekly/monthly intranet videos or on a one-to-one basis. The programme is designed to meet the individual requirements of each client company

Programme Benefits


  • Reduces stress and absenteeism
  • Increased effectiveness of the workforce
  • Reduces long term health care expenses
  • Demonstrates employer values well-being of employees
  • Improves atmosphere and self-esteem of staff

One-2-One Consultation

One-2-One Consultation

Tailored Nutrition & Lifestyle Plans

During your one-to-one consultation, detailed information is gathered of your diet, lifestyle behaviors, current or previous medical conditions, family history, stress levels and exercise. We explore how all of this is impacting on your health and well-being.

Advice given is practical and tailored to your individual needs. You will receive a personalised nutrition plan, menu suggestions and a shopping list which takes into account food preferences, budget and your cooking skills. A plan to implement positive lifestyle behaviours is also incorporated into the session. I work with you to devise a realistic supportive plan which is manageable and fits into your daily/weekly schedule. Blood tests and other testing may be recommended in which case I will refer you to your G.P.

Embracing these changes will result in improved overall health, well-being and increased energy levels making you feel a whole lot better!


Media Work

Media Work

Media Work

Gaye is a regular guest on RTE, TV3, Newtalk and RTE Radio 1. She is also a regular features writer for The Irish Independent, writing articles on food, health, pregnancy wellness etc.




Gaye visited our school & spoke to 300 children. She highlighted the importance of good food & nutrition at an age appropriate level. The girls loved the role play and display of healthy options. Gaye had a captive audience due to her excellent communication skills & her practical common sense approach.
— Many thanks Gaye – Margaret O’Neill Principal.
Gaye’s knowledge & understanding of food is breath taking! More importantly, she explains the conflicting & confusing messages about food in a way that makes real sense. She works with you to help you figure out the best way for you to eat healthily. I found her advice to be both practical & useful & will make a real difference to my future health& wellbeing.
— Iseult O’Doherty. Training Manager Carr Communications.
Because we often deal with complicated cases of allergy and intolerances, Gaye’s expertise is invaluable in giving the patient the necessary and concise information that they require. Gaye is remarkably knowledgeable in all aspects of nutrition. Her knowledge is astonishing and I find conversations with her to be a unique learning experience. If only more patients were blessed with the chance to have Gaye’s input into any medically necessary dietary intervention, whether young or old.
— Dr Ranbir Kaulsay MD, FACAAI Consultant Medical Allergist. Beacon Allergy Clinic
I have worked with Gaye on my more complicated patients including those with IBS that have not responded to medical therapy and each time the patient has returned smiling. With her knowledge of food, her cheery disposition and her practical approach she has helped these patients eliminate their symptoms. She has also been fantastic in weight management and bringing down cholesterol to normal levels through dietary modifications. Her meal plans and ideas are really useful to the patients and I am delighted to recommend her any chance I get.
— Dr. Mona Sayegh G.P. Custom House Medical Centre I.F.S.C.
Gaye has extensive knowledge & provides evidence-based integrative medical nutritional therapy to Clients with a broad range of illnesses. She is most professional yet her passion for her subject is evident in her approach and her enthusiasm she has for her Clients is refreshing to see.
— Dr. Claire O’Driscoll. G.P.
Gaye visited our Head Offices during our Wellbeing fortnight in September and spoke with our people about eating for energy. Gaye is credible and approachable and is able to cut through the confusion and conflicting messages around healthy food choices. Her approach is one that is both realistic and sustainable. Feedback from Gaye’s sessions was excellent and our people feel better informed around making appropriate food choices. We’re looking forward to working further with Gaye next year and beyond.
— Camilla Waters, Learning | HR - Ulster Bank Ireland DAC
Thanks a million Gaye, the staff response to your talk was terrific; there has been a huge change here. The healthier options are now to the fore. Your insight and advice was excellent & so well delivered. Thanks again Gaye, you were great!
— Paddy Lonergan, Manager. Bank of Ireland. Swords.
Gaye completed a 3 year Neuro Linguistic Programming behavioural therapy course under my supervision. During her NLP training she impressed me with her grasp of the human condition. She appreciates the importance of behavioural therapy to assist people change unproductive behaviours. She brings a fresh approach and insight to nutritional intervention. Her communication skills are exceptional and most influential. She excels in this area and instils and inspires people to do something about their situation.
— Ken Bowbrick Psychotherapist, Counsellor M.I.A.C.P certified NLP trainer B.S.C.M.E.H.

Gaye provided lunch and learn presentations to TMF Group employees over the course of a number of months as part of the company’s health and wellness initiative.  She also provided one to one consultations to the staff.  Gaye’s knowledge of wellness and nutrition is amazing and her style is very interactive. Feedback from staff was very positive in terms of the impact the presentations.  I would recommend her to other organisations.

Ronan O'Reilly, Managing director

I haven’t looked at food the same way since going to see Gaye. Now I have much more appreciation for what I’m eating and drinking. She has an excellent way of explaining things without using jargon. You will leave feeling happy and valued. I couldn’t wait to get started on the changes Gaye made to my diet and 3 months after my 1st meeting with Gaye I feel better than ever.
— Ciaran Russell
Great talk and has helped to remove some of the confusion around health and diet that we see in the media every day.
Thanks so much for organising the session with Gaye. I found her common sense approach very refreshing.
Many thanks again Gaye and we look forward to the next one.
— Marcus Kittel, Siemens Ltd.

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